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The use of the Internet and other communication technologies, such as mobile phones continues to grow considerably in the African Union and offers all citizens great opportunities for inter alia, participation, interactivity and creativity. However, risks to children and abuse of these technologies continue to exist and as a result of changing technologies and societal behaviours, new risks and abuses continue to emerge. Measures should be adopted at all levels in order to protect the physical, mental and moral integrity of children, which might be impaired by their accessing inappropriate content.
Moreover, in order to encourage citizens to exploit the opportunities and enjoy the positive benefits offered by the Internet and other communication technologies, measures promoting their safer use are also needed.
ACOPEA focuses on education and awareness across Africa and the provision of mechanisms to report abuse and protect the rights of citizens in cyberspace. raise the level of awareness among governments, industry and educators to ensure a safe and secure online experience for children in Africa inline with the  ITU COP Five Strategic Pillars.

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ACOPEA will keep you up to date with trends and use of technology by children and young people in Africa as it happens.

What is Child Online Protection (COP)

ITU Child Online Protection Safer Internet Day Video Message

ACOPEA brings together professionals from all over the continent who work with children in different capacities including child welfare, child protection agencies and organisations, teachers, social workers, police and other key stakeholders.

ACOPEA also targets higher delegates private, government policy makers, law-enforcement and key stakeholders from industry and the education sector through invitations to strategic representatives to conferences and capacity building to inform the issues of COP and its agendas.

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