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ACOPEA Ambassadors need to be certified via ACOPEA ADUK Ambassadors training

Aims of the course

ADUK will enable you to train fellow professionals in the delivery of COP education & awareness program and to deliver resources directly to young people, parents and key stakeholders in your region.

The course will provide delegates with an in-depth look at how young people use the internet and mobile technology. It will also examine how offenders use the online environment to groom children. The training will give both law enforcement and educational perspectives, broadening your understanding of this emerging arena.

ACOPEA will provide the platform for interaction/information sharing during and after training sessions. You will be encouraged to research, analysing and debating on how this issue relates to children and families in your region.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at professionals whose roles directly or indirectly involve the protection of children and young people:

  • child protection professionals
  • teachers
  • police officers
  • social workers
  • youth workers
  • public protection officer
ADUK  presentation details

•Introduction to COP, the issues and the ITU COP guidelines

• Staying up to date with popular technologies/applications that children and young people use around the world

• Risks posed to young people

• Education response to COP, including methodology on how to deliver identified awareness material to professionals, parents and lesson planes for children & young people.

•How to Report Abuse and Handle Disclosure/hot line response

Currently we are consulting  ITU's COP initiative to enable ACOPEA to deliver Awareness training to all professionals in Africa.
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