Sharing International COP Knowledge & Experience

Free European Commission Expert Exchange Program

This training will enable African professionals to understand the issues in COP. Once verified/ trained, ACOPEA Ambassadors  can download  and have access a number of awareness resources  to start own COP activities and able to cascade the online safety model to ACOPEA's target audience in respective countries. Your organisation will take the lead to coordinate and organise awareness workshops in the region and advocate towards the implementation of concrete COP awareness plan of action. ACOPEA and staff will also Provide logistical and infrastructural support to NGO's/ African countries with high COP cascade reach through regular direct interaction with other Ambassadors in the region, continuously assess specific needs and strengths.

Who should attend? Applicant persons/organisations should represent child welfare/non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which promote online safety and/or fight illegal online content (or plan to in the near future).

This course is aimed at professionals whose roles directly or indirectly involve the protection of children and young people:

  • child protection professionals
  • teachers
  • police officers
  • social workers
  • youth workers
  • public protection officer
ADUK  presentation details

•Introduction to COP, the issues and the ITU COP guidelines

• Staying up to date with popular technologies/applications that children and young people use around the world

• Risks posed to young people

• Education response to COP, including methodology on how to deliver identified awareness material to professionals, parents and lesson planes for children & young people.

•How to Report Abuse and Handle Disclosure/hot-line response mechanism

What is the ‘Expert Exchange Scheme’?
The Expert Exchange Scheme is a programme of funded study visits to allow organisations involved in safer internet activities from non-EU countries to visit EU-funded Safer Internet Centres in Europe.

What is the objective?
The objective of the Expert Exchange Scheme is to support the development of safer internet policies and activities in third countries. This is achieved by representatives from third countries visiting specific Hotlines/Safer Internet Centres in Europe to:

  • exchange good practice and experiences.
  • share resources and know-how.
  • build foundations for future cooperation.

Note: Sharing and exchange is not a one-way street. It is expected that the visiting organisation also share their knowledge, best practice and experience with the hosting organisation.

What are the minimum criteria to be considered as a potential ‘visiting organisation’?

  • Applicant organisations must be from non-EU countries.

  • Applicant organisations should represent child welfare/non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which promote online safety and/or fight illegal online content (or plan to in the near future).

  • Applicant organisations must not be a current member of INHOPE or Insafe.

For more info please click below:

***PLEASE NOTE –ADUK due to the nature of the work you will only be eligible to attend this training if you bring proof of recent Enhanced CRB clearance (within the last three years) or equivalent and photo ID when you attend the course.
Acopea staff have the right to refuse entry to any delegate which does not provide this information on the day.***

 You will also need to provide:

  •           Photographic proof of identity (driving licence, passport)
  •           Proof of employment in your stated organisation, either organisation photo ID or a letter on headed paper confirming your role

 If you have any queries about these requirements don’t hesitate to contact us at

Ambassador course registration

To ensure that all course delegates are able to access resources, before booking a place on a training session you must initially registered as a user.

Forthcoming 2 days training event, venue to be confirmed.

Places are limited for 100 delegates, only two delegates from one NGO/Country

Training sessions are regularly held across the Africa by the ADUK Team. Details and booking information is listed below:

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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