Sharing International COP Knowledge & Experience

Board of Advisors

Ms Janice Richardson

Non-beneficiary ACOPEA Senior Advisor. Ms Richardson is a senior advisor at European Schoolnet . Insafe network coordinator at European Schoolnet .
Expert in information literacy at Insight S.A. Luxembourg.

Ms Suzanne Williams
Non-Beneficiary ACOPEA Advisor. MS Williams is a Director of the Canadian based Child Protection Partnership. (CPP)
is a multi-sector collaboration of individuals and organisations who work to protect children from sexual exploitation enabled by worldwide use of information and communication technology. (ICT)

Ms Marsali Hancock

Non-Beneficiary ACOPEA Advisor.Ms Hancock is a President and CEO of, Marsali Hancock speaks nationally and internationally on digital citizenship issues: cyber-safety, security and ethics/responsibility.  She serves on industry consumer advisory boards and participates with online safety committees for industry leaders: AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Symantec and Webroot.

ACOPEA Staff                                                                                                                           
Mr Daniel Asfaw


Child online safety and Acopea Project Coordinator


All our staff are vetted and CRB checked under the Children's Act 1989 UK.

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